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Designers: TT Architects

Due to their diligence, commitment and attention to detail the task of manufacturing the variety of fixed seating and bespoke tables was given to Andy Thornton. They have been involved throughout the design process, from the first draft to the construction stage, sharing their insights, experience and knowledge and actively participating in sourcing materials and developing construction details. Milan Sijakovic, TT Architects


Kingsway Rumble is a modern British brasserie with a nostalgic twist. It is so named because the original Kingsway Hall was an important recording venue for film and classical music. The 'rumble' was the sound caused by trains running on the Piccadilly line underneath the building. Working closely with the talented designers at TT Architects, we were able to help ensure that key elements like banquette seating and dining tables respected the design brief and the building's heritage.


Working from the initial brief set out by the designers, we were able to realise the concept by working drawings, control samples, manufacturing and installation. This was an exciting project due to the variety of fixed seating manufactured; booths, straight runs and a feature metal frame U-shape. Each banquette model displays different details: deep button back, fluting, metal edge details and more. Our talented frame makers and upholsterers embraced all elements with enthusiasm and precision.

Polished brass strips help delineate the booth seating areas. Leather upholstery was given a variety of stitch and button detailing.


For the poseur-height table, a striking bespoke table top was created by the specification of Sensa Orinico from Cosentina. The vivid granite swirls of white, copper and gold are complemented by the bespoke metal table base, powdercoated in brass. Sensa Orinoco also features in the metal-framed screens behind the booth seating.


In the dining areas, bespoke dining table tops were manufactured out of Deckton Lunar. This extremely strong material has many advantages. While other surfaces are stain resistant, Dekton is completely stain proof. Even the most stubborn stains like wine and coffee can easily be removed from the surface. It also withstands high temperatures without burning, scorching or cracking. These tops were then fitted to our Step and Tonda cast iron table bases.