Ornate cast iron fireplace


This is an ornate fireplace set comprising of The Mayfair cast iron surround and The Rococo cast iron insert.

The Mayfair surround is a highly ornate cast iron fireplace surround in the Victorian style. The entire frame of the surround is emblazoned with a series of spectacular designs that combine together to bring The Mayfair to life. These designs are all intertwined to give a continuous appearance.

The Rococo is a cast iron fireplace insert with its own unique style. The spectacularly intricate detail that surrounds the rounded arch demonstrates the highest level of design that can achieved through casting. A hanging fruit design replaces an absent canopy, connecting to stunning detail that flows around the arch’s frame, interrupted only by the presence of a crafted mermaid on either side. A twisted rope effect separates the outer detailing from the insert’s opening, which is covered by an elegantly simple curved ash cover and basket.


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  • Height: 1310 mm
  • Width: 1630 mm
  • Depth: 400 mm
  • Weight (KG): 200.00