City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council



We designed, manufactured and installed this bandstand as a versatile space for performing artists.


A traditional-style octagonal bandstand in Haworth Central Park was installed on the exact site of the original bandstand, which dated from 1929 and was demolished in the 1970s.

We were approached by Bradford MDC and Friends of Haworth Park to design, manufacture and install a new bandstand as a versatile space for performing artists. The finished structure, constructed in our workshops, measures 6.1 metres in diameter and just over 6 metres in height.


Based around a popular circle and cross design, the wrought iron balustrades and laser-cut frieze panels and spandrels combine with six decorative structural steel columns, to form the framework of the bandstand. The curved roof was framed in steel angle with a 2mm sheet aluminium skin, complete with decorative ball finial.

The underneath of the roof is panelled out in marine-grade ply and incorporates anti-vandal illumination. Rainwater run-off from the guttering is neatly chanelled down one column and power for the lights are concealed in another. The complete structure was painted in a hard-wearing powder-coat finish, for minimum maintenance.