French pharmacy shop interior in oak


This exceptional French pharmacy shop interior in oak dates back to the French Third Republic (late 19th to early 20th century). In excellent condition, the set features a central cabinet with bevelled arched glass, crowned with a swan neck pediment, and with shelves at each side. The cabinet base has pull-out drawers and cupboard doors, flanked either side by etched glass Rococo-style doors, twin returns with narrow shelving and drawers abutted by large mirrored cabinets.

The centre cabinet and left-facing return cabinet are mainly decorative, as they have no internal shelving or backs. The right-facing ones do have an enclosed cabinet with lower drawers behind the section nearest to the shelving and the middle doors have pull-out drawers with casing. Complete interiors of this quality are extremely rare and this would now make a beautiful and unique feature for a bar, hotel or shop interior.

Approximate overall dimensions


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  • Height: 3450 mm
  • Width: 5470 mm
  • Depth: 3790 mm
  • Weight (KG): 1,500.00