Environmental Policy

We at Andy Thornton Ltd are fully aware of the effects that the company’s manufacturing processes may have on the environment.

Andy Thornton Ltd is fully committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business, meeting or exceeding all relevant legal requirements and being recognised as an environmentally friendly company.

Impact on the environment is being reduced by:

• Buying materials or products from responsible companies who comply with environmental legislation
• Buying timber products from FSC certified sources
• Using recycled materials and packaging wherever possible
• Ensuring all employees are trained and comply with the company’s Environmental Policy
• Recycling as much waste as possible with reputable local companies and any residual waste disposed of in an appropriate manner

• Installing a more fuel-efficient heating system within our office suite
• Replacing the factory lights with LED units
• Upgrading welfare facilities to reduce water consumption
• Selecting fuel-efficient vehicles within our fleet with low CO2 emissions
• Reducing the fuel consumption of our delivery vehicles by improved route planning
• A nominated ‘green’ champion to implement the company’s Environmental Policy and ensure legal compliance.